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Platinum Solutions

Platinum Solutions

Craving for a ” head to toe” enhancement and feel like stepping ahead of the ordinary?

Our Platinum Package is purposely designed to support you towards your best results.

What is so special about our Platinum Package, you might ask?

Well… every little detail…

The Platinum Package is personal and exclusive.

Custom made comprehensive procedures combinations are put together by our skilled team of professionals which will literally transform you from head to toe.

Botox, Dermal Fillers, Non-surgical Lifting, PRP, Skin Resurfacing, Sliming and Contouring, Laser hair Reduction are only some of the extensive requisite list used when your ” head to toe” enhancement is carried out.

The use of the extensive requisite available combined with the most effective technology plus the skills and technique of our dedicated team, have the sole purpose to have you rejoice at your results.

The ” head to toe” enhancements can be achieved in a singular visit or multiple visits, depending on the degree of improvements required.

If total privacy is desired while undergoing your enhancement, upon prior request, arrangements can be made so that the clinic’s premises and its staff are exclusively reserved.

Want to establish the details of your custom-made enhancement and its delivery? Set an appointment for a quick visit and come to see us at the clinic.